About us

Welcome to Winners 2000

Winners 2000 has 3 clubs, based in Torquay, Newton Abbot and Paignton.

As a member of our club you can use all of these facilities.

Our clubs are set up to cater for members from age 5 to 105. Whatever your age or ability, size and shape, this club is for YOU. Working out at Winners 2000 is great fun, and you will always experience a clean, friendly and professional environment.

about winners 2000

Opening Times

Monday to Friday: 6am – 9pm
Saturday: 7am – 4pm
Sunday: 9am – 4pm

Our Mission Statement

Winners 2000 is in business to improve the health and fitness of our members, and to make a difference in the community. Success is helping people live more balanced and fulfilling lives, and taking them places they only dreamt they could go.

We are never afraid to say what hasn’t been said, or do what hasn’t been done.

We work with open eyes and ears to new information and research, to ensure the product we present to our clients is always the very best and most importantly, works for them.

Winners 2000 Club Rules

Dumbbell Lowering Policy

To ensure safety of every member and to take care of our gym equipment, please note the dumbbell lowering policy. Dumbbells are not dropped to the floor at Winners 2000.

Hygiene and how you smell in the gym

Please consider how you smell when you are working out. If you have been to work all day you may need to shower before you train. Working out obviously increases perspiration but please take whatever precautions necessary so that you don’t offend other members with your body odour. If your personal hygiene isn’t acceptable then you won’t be able to train in the gym.

Training Clothes

Please wear only sensible workout clothing. Work overalls, work boots, string vests or offensive t-shirts are amongst items not permitted at our clubs.

No Chalk

We do not permit the use of chalk in any of our clubs under any circumstances.

No smoking anywhere on the grounds, including outdoor areas and car park

Smoking on our premises results in termination of membership.

Return all weights, dumbbells and equipment to its proper place

Immediately upon finishing with your weights or equipment it must be returned to its correct place in the gym.

Your volume in the gym

Keep your volume in the gym to a level where only the person you are taking with can hear you, not the whole gym. Respect other peoples opportunity to have an uninterrupted workout. This includes if you are using your telephone. Your phone may also not be used to take pictures of other members in the gym without their permission.

Bad language won’t be tolerated, especially with the number of children on site

Bad language may result in termination of membership and banning from the club.

Training Techniques

We take great pride in allowing our members to only use safe and the most effective training techniques. Instructors will be proactive in helping you correct and improve and exercise form that we consider to be less than optimal.

Don’t monopolise equipment

Training in large groups is not permitted as it can lead to equipment being unavailable for other members.

Induction to our club

Every member who joins Winners 2000 must go through an induction to ensure they are safe to train in the gym and that they understand our rules and the conduct we expect from our members.

Wipe down your benches, mats and cardiovascular equipment when you finish

We provide safe anti-bacterial spray and paper towel for you to do so to ensure hygiene standards are maintained.

We want every single member to have a positive training experience in our clubs

Our rules are in place to ensure that the environment is protected and the positive atmosphere maintained

Bad attitudes, bad training techniques, bad hygiene and steroid abusers are not welcome at Winners 2000